Karibu Tena!

September 2013 // What’s Happening in Dar // Letter from the Editor //


The WHID team has spent the winter months around town, enjoying this season’s cooler ocean breezes and frequenting the handful of new restaurants that seem to sprout up every weekend throughout the city. For our September issue, we’re well-rested, well-fed, and back with some fun and original content.

We hope that you’ve spent these vacation months relaxing and checking out some new spots too, whether it be in or out of Dar. To get you back in the groove and into back-to-school mode, our main feature this month focuses on IST, who celebrates its 50th anniversary this month. In this issue, you can read about the school and how it has changed over time, though throughout its growth it has remained a leading education provider in Africa. We’ve also got some past students who share their experiences with us, imparting a bit of alumni wisdom to all current and future students.

Then, because we know that you’re still daydreaming of holiday adventures and frolicking on the beach, we’ve got a travel piece that spotlights the nearby town of Bagamoyo. The Taylors, who are on extended break, are back this month to share another leg of their amazing journey asea. Back here in Dar, we’ve got plenty going on in our own neck of the woods- We have a heartwarming story involving one cat who manages to bring an entire neighborhood closer together, and finally a cool (literally!) recipe to savor all those juicy tangerines that are in season right now. And as always, we’ve got all our usual reliable event and resource guides, and other features you’ve come to expect from What’s Happening in Dar.

We’d also like to start hearing more from you, our loyal readers. What fun activities did you partake in over the summer? Any exciting events coming up in the next months? Drop us a line and tell us your thoughts, at editorwhatshappening@gmail.com. We’re always open to feedback and suggestions, and look forward to hearing from our community. You know, although we appreciated the light traffic and emptier restaurants around town over the last few months, we’re pretty glad that things are back to “normal” around here.

Welcome back, and happy reading!


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