Virginia Woolf didn’t start writing until she was 33, which means I’ve got three two years just one more year to begin my legacy as a great American writer and poet.

My pieces have a natural, colloquial style, and can be extra dry and cheeky or more mundane and serious, depending on the subject. My emphasis tends to be on food, travel, and profile pieces, although I am always open to topics and experiences outside of my comfort zone.

update August 2015: Work from the latter part of 2014 and 2015 is slowly being uploaded, so keep checking back for updates. Older work is always being added as time permits.

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Or simply click through below to read a few personal favorites:

One Man Makes A Stand

// 10,000 word article profiling 80-year old Phil Cosentino, who owns one of the last operating orchards in the heart of Silicon Valley //

Got A Light? The Status of Smoking in China

// Report about the reality (and perception) of smoking in modern-day China, including various numbers and statistics //

The Taco That Told a Tale

// Story about the search and the satisfaction of finding the perfect bite while travelling abroad //

Will the Real Egg Roll Please Stand Up?

// What is an egg roll, really? Personal memoir of sorts, followed by recipe //

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